Preserving the Independent Practice of Hospital-Based Medicine

CEP America is one of the largest democratic physician partnerships in the US. With more than 1,600 physician Partners - none of whom owns more than 0.05% of the organization - we consider ourselves the torchbearer for the democratic group practice model and the independent practice of hospital-based medicine.

In the increasingly complex healthcare landscape, many physician groups have found it difficult to keep up with new regulations and hospital demands.

In recent years, we have successfully added more than 30 independent physician groups and hospitals, with ED volumes ranging from 20,000 to 200,000 visits per year, to CEP America’s democratic partnership. Our physician group integration assures a smooth transition of current physicians into the CEP America culture and organizational structure.

CEP America’s Partnership structure also offers a unique opportunity to practicing hospitalists. No other democratic physician group in the US extends full and equal partnership status to inpatient physicians. With emergency, urgent care, and inpatient physicians all having an equal voice in the direction of the partnership, we can guarantee successful integration and cooperation across the acute care continuum at all of our practice locations.

Many of our sites benefit from individually customized scribe programs. Our team of dedicated scribes is recognized as an integral part of the medical team, increasing physicians’ productivity, efficiency, and job satisfaction while also improving the quality of care, patient throughput, physician reimbursement, and patient satisfaction scores. Most importantly, scribes allow providers to spend more time at the bedside with their patients.

Today’s practice economy continues to create new challenges for physicians, and CEP America resources, while robust, continually decrease in cost for each individual physician due to economies of scale savings that are passed on. By merging with a transparent, open democratic group, you position yourself to be ahead of the curve as healthcare reform demands stringent quality initiatives and creates increasing payment complexities. 

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To learn more about how your group can partner with CEP America, contact:

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Chief Business Officer
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