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Don't Be a Dodo: Three Crucial Steps to Evolving Your Healthcare Organization (Part 3 of 3)

By David Birdsall, MD

fd32c46a2d9dda865cda33a1f48062c1_m.jpgWelcome to my third and last article in this series on change management for healthcare leaders.

Part 1 started with a reference to the dodo and the need to change or risk extinction. In Part 2, we touched on getting our wings and prepping for change. Specifically, that means doing your pre-work, picking your team and developing your timeline.

Step 3: Stay the Course

Now it is time to take flight and embark on making your change. This flight can be a bit tumultuous at times. But fortunately we have a map: namely, Quint Studer's 5 Stages of Change, to guide us.

These stages are universal, consistent, predictable and help the leader navigate the journey.

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