The Acute Care Continuum

CEP America realizes that the integration of patient care by emergency physicians, hospitalists, and post-discharge outpatient follow-up is crucial to the survival of hospitals in the new healthcare environment. By streamlining care and enhancing patient throughput across acute care settings, we can improve your hospital’s reputation, increase its market share in the community, and deliver real cost savings.

We have developed the concept of the Acute Care Continuum to describe this integration of urgent, emergent, inpatient, and post-discharge care of patients with acute medical conditions. This focus on integrating all components of the continuum has led to process improvements across our client sites regardless of patient population or geographic area. Our repeatable results are due to the four pathways to success we have identified to create a successful Acute Care Continuum:

Coordinating care across clinical settings to improve outcomes and increase patient and staff satisfaction.

Physician Leadership
Cultivating strong physician leaders to address the long and short-term challenges for their departments and hospitals.

Working to align with hospital leaders and establish lasting relationships with nurses, providers, and ancillary staff.

Developing and implementing methods to improve operations and cross-departmental performance.

These pathways are what set CEP America sites apart from the rest; and the results have achieved and sustained over and over again.