Signature Competencies

Delivering strong operational performance continues to be a challenging requirement across the acute care continuum, and it is an ongoing focus for CEP America. Our strong physician leadership, management resources, initiatives, and innovations enable us to consistently produce superb results for the hospitals we serve.

Our years of experience have allowed us to refine and define our signature competencies: operational throughput, patient experience, teamwork, and goal alignment. Regardless of practice type, geographic location, or patient population, our client sites have come to realize that the CEP America difference means a dedication to achieving greater quality results for our patients.

Operational Throughput

A focus on integrating hospital-based specialties leads to improved operational throughput across the acute care continuum. When emergency physicians work in conjunction with hospitalists who then relay information to post-discharge providers, we see enhanced communication and an improved patient experience. CEP America’s expertise in hospital-based medicine has led to reduced turnaround time to admission, lower length of stay rates, and fewer hospital readmissions across our practice locations.

Patient Experience

Attention to improving the patient experience is part of our core strategy at CEP America. Our Director of Service Excellence, Dr. Jay Kaplan, spearheads our comprehensive patient satisfaction program, which includes formal service excellence training for all our personnel, a physician-driven patient callback program, and a proprietary patient satisfaction survey that is aligned with HCAHPS. This comprehensive initiative also includes the development of patient satisfaction work groups, as well as service recovery and complaint management techniques.


CEP America is committed to fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and teamwork between all of our team members across the acute care continuum. At many of our sites, there is no separation between the providers, and all hospital personnel view themselves as members of the team rather than an employee or partner of separate organizations. Ultimately, we believe collaboration is the key to improving patient satisfaction, reducing medical errors, increasing productivity, and expediting admissions across the acute care continuum. We survey hospital staff on a regular basis to gain feedback on how we can continue to enhance those relationships and improve our collaborative efforts.

Goal Alignment

CEP America understands that each of our practice locations is unique and faces its own set of challenges to delivering quality patient care. CEP America physicians engage administrative leaders at their hospital to identify objectives that will move the entire hospital forward. Many of our physician leaders can be found sitting on hospital-wide committees, developing joint protocols, and leading quality improvement initiatives. This focus on hospital-wide goal alignment ensures that when our physicians succeed, the entire hospital succeeds.